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IbanezNIN: So anyway GK, what kind of guitars/basses do you use?? I`ve always looked and seen the Ibanez iceman but thats it..i`s really love to know
Gravity_Kills: we like playing big venues but you feel detached from the crowd some times
R2-Bacca: I love music...but as soon as they start making it more like a soap opera and less like wholesome entertainment, I walk the other way
MiaWallace: i like to be front row
Duositex: good point
JimTheta: Small clubs are the best.
Gravity_Kills: We have 9 Ibanez guitars and a few Vigier basses
Tom_M: What kind of basses did/do you play?
Limp_Erection: yeah, that way you can talk to the band afterwards
Limp_Erection: even if they don`t remember you =)
Gravity_Kills: ouch
Duositex: that hruts
IbanezNIN: never heard of vigier, i love ibanez SDGR and ESP b305 basses
Duositex: hurts
JimTheta: They can sign stuff even if they won`t remember you. At the time, that was good enough for me.
IbanezNIN: does your bass have 4,5, or 6 strings?
Gravity_Kills: I try to remember everyone but you meet so many people that it`s hard
R2-Bacca: ok
Limp_Erection: i know, i`m just busting your chops
kmac: seen any good movies lately?
Gravity_Kills: not Mission Impossible 2
JimTheta: Do you remember signing my poster at the Intersection in Grand Rapids MI on July 1998?
Tom_M: ....?
Limp_Erection: good, that movie was horrible
Gravity_Kills: it sucks clowns
JimTheta: heh heh.
R2-Bacca: clowns
MiaWallace: don`t really care to see it
Tiger1: i suggest gladiator
JimTheta: Thandie Newton though. Holy god.
Gravity_Kills: Grant, I`m sorry that we don`t
JimTheta: where do they find chicks like that?
FlatLine: Gladiator rocked!
JimTheta: I was joking. I didn`t expect you to.
Butane: I`m surprised no one has asked if Jeff`s single yet.. (or did I miss it?)
Gravity_Kills: So we should see Gladiator
Gravity_Kills: Jeff is not
Limp_Erection: gladiator is good
Limp_Erection: SHAFT is good
Limp_Erection: but only if your a shaft fan
FlatLine: Gravity Kills: If you liked Braveheart you`d love Gladiator
Butane: Long term relationship, or just. . .playing the field?
Gravity_Kills: Damn right
IbanezNIN: one more guitar question if thats cool, ampwise...Line 6, Marshall or Mesa? anything else is shit..
Gravity_Kills: Marshall and line 6
IbanezNIN: awesome
kmac: Out on video: Fight Club. That movie rocks
Gravity_Kills: we have a bunch of stuff for processing guitars here
Butane: daisy, flatline asked if GK`s music was "goth" or "gawthic" =P
Gravity_Kills: everyone here is talking about fight club now
Butane: See what you did. . .
jonathan: will the new album have a lot of keyboard??
daisy: hahahahahaha
ARTMAN: ah, you hit me in the ear!
MiaWallace: i`ve heard that movie is good, but haven`t seen it yet. (fight club)
Gravity_Kills: We are using more keyboard than ever
scott: i likes
jonathan: yes
kmac: fight club it is fucked six ways from monday
FlatLine: that movie was cool
JimTheta: Who`s pulling drum duty on the recording?
JimTheta: Are you guys just dubbing it in?
IbanezNIN: that is awesome, how do you guys feel about trent reznor and nine inch nails... i think you knew i would ask sooner or later
Gravity_Kills: We are doing alot of programming for drums
Tom_M: This chat seems to have gone buhbye
Butane: See ya tawm.
kmac: I`d love to hear a GK acoustic song!
Gravity_Kills: We got to meet Trent and he is a very cool guy ....
Butane: yeah, like stabbing westward.. songs liek Hold and Always would be cool as accoustic.
Gravity_Kills: and besides he gave us passes to his last St. Louis show
FlatLine: GK: What`s your favorite animal? ;]
IbanezNIN: that is awesome, where did you meet him?
Limp_Erection: i like this chat Tom M
Gravity_Kills: I do a version of Here on the acoustic
Tom_M: Hey, all again
Limp_Erection: it`s more personal, not like the others whre you have to bypass a web administrator to ask a question
IbanezNIN: gravity kills and nine inch nails are very powerful driving forces musically for me
Gravity_Kills: the duckbilled platypus
JimTheta: Is that Doug typing?
Tom_M: What did I miss this time?
JimTheta: hey Tom
MiaWallace: haven`t heard Here acoustic, yet
Gravity_Kills: it`s Jeff
Tom_M: What kind of basses did/do you play?
MiaWallace: Hi Jeff
Gravity_Kills: We met Trent at his studio while doing the antichrist superstar record
daisy: manson?
FlatLine: Wouldn`t that be manson? ;o
IbanezNIN: vigier Tom
JimTheta: Wasn`t that Manson?
Tom_M: Ok
Butane: haha
Gravity_Kills: yes we met Marilyn
FlatLine: **FlatLine** thinks Jeff is drunk
daisy: poor you...
IbanezNIN: that is like orgasmic, so great, you and NIN should collaborate
Gravity_Kills: Jeff is drunk
Limp_Erection: already?
Gravity_Kills: all the time
Limp_Erection: oh
IbanezNIN: Antichrist Svperstar is my fav alltime album, trent did tons of work on that htough
MiaWallace: shoot another, Jeff!
Butane: I`d like to see Trent try to cover a GK song :P
Gravity_Kills: 1 2 3 chug
Butane: he could probably do If or Falling..
Limp_Erection: on sec
MiaWallace: done!
Limp_Erection: oh boy this 40 is going down TOO FAST
Butane: 40?
Limp_Erection: 40 ounces of BAD beer
MiaWallace: gulp, gulp, Limp
IbanezNIN: 40 oz. of beer
Limp_Erection: cheap and alcoholic
Gravity_Kills: has the NBA game started yet
Gravity_Kills: ?
IbanezNIN: you aint ghetto are you butane?
kmac: i drink rootbeer
Butane: Ibanez, say what?
Gravity_Kills: no he`s Canadian
Butane: grrr..
Butane: See, jeff knows =)
IbanezNIN: yall think you ghetto
Butane: But I was born in Portugal <g>
daisy: pork chop
Butane: I just use the word ghetto too often.
Butane: porc chop indeed.
daisy: used
Limp_Erection: ghetto
Gravity_Kills: apple sauce?
Tom_M: Does Doug still write haikus?
Limp_Erection: is there more?
Butane: Out of all the haikus on the`s guestbook, which was your fav?
JimTheta: Do you guys know how hard it is to open a Sam Adams without a proper bottle opener?
kmac: hehe, I have a haiku book coming out next fall
Gravity_Kills: .what other stuff should we discuss?
JimTheta: I`m learning right now.
Tom_M: <!> ?
Limp_Erection: elian
Limp_Erection: please let`s talk about the cuban boy
IbanezNIN: haha send that fuckin spic back
Gravity_Kills: Doug hasn`t humoured us with any lately
MiaWallace: Jeff,. the NBA game has started
Limp_Erection: DAN
Limp_Erection: dan!!!!!!!!!
JimTheta: i don`t think he can top the Ding Dongs one.
Butane: shhsh!
Limp_Erection: DEWD
IbanezNIN: i really am not a big fan of hispanics
daisy: argh
Butane: butterfingers.
Gstack: Hispanics?
daisy: shuttup
MiaWallace: Indiana 33, Lakers 30
Butane: make me!
Gravity_Kills: thanks Mia
IbanezNIN: spics, wetbacks, beaners, chicos...
daisy: argh
IbanezNIN: mexican americans...
Tom_M: aaargh....this stupid thing keeps freezing!
JimTheta: IbanezNIN, your brand of opinion is not cool right here.
Gravity_Kills: wow, a little racism here tonight
kmac: yeah, racism sucks
Butane: oh, in Perversion.. that chinese/jaanese game thignie (whatever it was), how many of those were released?
Limp_Erection: hey!!
Tom_M: Racism is bad
Butane: coz I screwed mine up.. =/
IbanezNIN: i feels how i feels
MiaWallace: I lived in Phoenix last summer, hispanics are a @#$(*^ riot!
Duositex: what are yo utalking about butane?
JimTheta: about 10,000, right?
Butane: Jim knows..
MiaWallace: they`re great
Gravity_Kills: we think about 25,000 Japanese thingys
Limp_Erection: i`m half hispanic... sort of
Butane: that`s it?!
Butane: man, I gotta get another.
IbanezNIN: im sorry limp erection
Duositex: jim, what is this thing they speak of?
Butane: so far mos tof the perversion cds I saw had it.
Gravity_Kills: that`s all, it was a limited addition
Butane: Duo, hehe.. It`s like a puzzle thingie. made otu of paper.
Butane: liek a brain teaser.
IbanezNIN: do you know if anyone bootlegs GK?
Gravity_Kills: sorry I`m drunk
JimTheta: It`s this little picture foldy-thing packaged in a limited number of Perversion discs.
MiaWallace: i didn`t get one of those puzzles thingies
Duositex: "Role models for America`s youth! GRAVITY KILLS!"
Butane: Mia, when did you buy the cd?
Limp_Erection: But Gravity Kills: The band Sister Machine Gun went from a quasi mainstream label to going independant, how do you feel about your band going independant, or do you feel that you should stay with TVT in order to reach a larger audience?
Gravity_Kills: ask Jim theta he has everything
Duositex: hehe
JimTheta: By Wednesday, I`ll scan mine and put it on my site.
MiaWallace: i`m drunk too, it`s A OKAY!!!
Limp_Erection: in other words, which would you prefer
teenage_fan_clu: meow
Butane: plug my page!
Butane: **Butane** is too lazy to type the url. . .
JimTheta: Butane`s page is linked to from...
Butane: aw what the hell,
Butane: la la la. . .
Gravity_Kills: We just want support wherever we are and hope that everyone gets a chance to hear what we are doing
JimTheta: :)
Limp_Erection: now that the internet is around, WOULD you feel comfortable going independant?
Butane: Wanna know how I found out about Shame?
Butane: err, that came out wrong.
daisy: not really
Butane: Not talking to yew.
MiaWallace: Butane, I bet you remember Shame being mentioned last chat
daisy: hrmf
R2-Bacca: everyone around here listnes to either Punk, Country, or that boy toy crap
Gravity_Kills: And yes, the best GK site north of the border is by Butane called Synthetic Noise
Butane: nope..
Butane: was it though?
Gravity_Kills: yes Butane, how did you find out
MiaWallace: hmmm????
daisy: he was reading credits
R2-Bacca: There is only one radio station here that will play GK
daisy: he`s pathetic
Butane: Some dude was in here earlier with the nick `zax`. I asked what his fav GK song was and he said Shame.
IbanezNIN: i wanna know too butane
MiaWallace: yes it was
Butane: Do you know him?
R2-Bacca: and it doesnt come in very good
IbanezNIN: maybe he`s confusing Gk with stabbing westward
Gravity_Kills: Zax is a naughty boy
Butane: he said he was at Mr. Blood?
Duositex: The boston stations always play your stuff
Tom_M: Allright...Im back...again...hopefully the last time
Butane: haha
Butane: Is he a member of Purge?
Butane: Eli perhaps?
Gravity_Kills: which Boston stations
IbanezNIN: i bet he did, it wouldn`t be hard
Duositex: WBCN I know does
Gravity_Kills: aaf? bcn? fnx?
Duositex: they still have Guilty on their playlist
Limp_Erection: aaf sucks
R2-Bacca: so I`m pretty much screwed as far as listening to music I don`t already have in my CD collection goes
Gstack: aaf blows
Limp_Erection: i used to live near boston, and AAF went downhill
Duositex: not too sure about aaf or fnx
Gstack: I do live near boston and is still down there
Duositex: Nick Carter bites thought
Duositex: ever other sentence has the word "breast" in it
Gravity_Kills: The Beer in my hand, Like a morning plum blossum, winks at the new dawn
Duositex: ....thats deep
MiaWallace: nice one!
R2-Bacca: lol
Tom_M: Woah...
Butane: Nice haiku.
Duositex: lemme try
Gstack: Can I quote you on that?
Gravity_Kills: everyone must give us one now
kmac: Hey GK, I know Juno Reactor mixed Guilty. Have you ever met them?
Duositex: Juno Reactor rules
Gravity_Kills: 5 syllables, 7, 5
Duositex: especially that song
IbanezNIN: peach pucker my alchoholicfriend
kmac: yeah they do. They keep pushing back their new album.
Gravity_Kills: No we haven`t met Mr. Reactor
kmac: but pistolero kicks serious ass
Gravity_Kills: be sure to work in a seasonal reference
kmac: Here is my only published haiku: first date/ her dog/ on my leg
R2-Bacca: seasonal reference
Walin_Mags: Hi boys
TEBRICH_1: who want speak with me
Gravity_Kills: Hi walin Mags
Walin_Mags: hows it goin`?
Gravity_Kills: hi tonto
Walin_Mags: everyone being good?
Walin_Mags: hope not
Limp_Erection: i`m drunk right now
Butane: I`m still starving. . .
Tom_M: The girl on my lap, Making me all excited, Cuz shes really hot
IbanezNIN: i hate people that brag about being drunk...
Walin_Mags: perfect
Gstack: Lousy lucky drunks.
R2-Bacca: I`m not drunk
Gravity_Kills: and thus the limpness
Limp_Erection: gravity Kills: have you ever met Kidney Thieves?
R2-Bacca: I have no beer in my hand
Duositex: Ok...this is ridiculous
Gravity_Kills: is everyone working on the Haiku?
Duositex: you guys have to get some new chat software
Hasha_mama: Hey guys, ha sha, sha sha sha. ma, ma, ma, Gravity Kills. And furthermore, sha sha ma ma ha sha wah wah Doug.
IbanezNIN: theyre usually selfish people that had problems in their childhood
FlatLine: ok, GK, I`m not sending you mp3s cause email sucks
Walin_Mags: christian.........come up stairs with the beer!!!!!!!!!
MiaWallace: A shot of vodka, a hot humid summers day, the screen is fuzzy
kmac: Gravity Kills: you want me to send you a copy of my haiku book once it is published?
Butane: laaaaame
Gravity_Kills: Beerr is coming up now
R2-Bacca: I`m sittn here by myself, beside myself, inside myself, as life is passing me by.
TomM: The girl on my lap, Making me all excited, Cuz shes really hot
Walin_Mags: the new breast implant, much like the mighty oak tree, stands firm in the wind
Gravity_Kills: send us an MP3
Walin_Mags: bam
R2-Bacca: no seasonal reference, but hey...
Gravity_Kills: sha ha mama
Walin_Mags: that was from Doug
daisy: phone parasites. I`m outta here.
Duositex: King Kong ate my cheese, I hated him for it too, furry furry money kong
Gravity_Kills: deep stuff
TomM: mmmm...parasites
Walin_Mags: lololol
Butane: mmm.. phone
daisy: hush
MiaWallace: the NBA game is Indiana 49, Lakers 43, junst incase anyone wants to know
daisy: !!
Limp_Erection: Megatron Is kewl, Optimus can kick his ass, but starscream is gay
IbanezNIN: peach pucker my alchoholic friend / you make my jimmy go BOINg BOING / my friend vagina cries loud
daisy: phone = baaaaaad
JimTheta: My cold Sam Adams, won`t open this summer night, Lost my opener.
Butane: phoneaphobic
Gstack: Don`t make me get starscream on your ass!
Gravity_Kills: you know this will be on Jim Theta`s site
daisy: telephonobic
TomM: So?
Butane: yeah, so quit being so gay.
Butane: Everyone`s gonan be reading this......... Hi mom!
Walin_Mags: did you see Dougs?!?!?
Limp_Erection: I`m already going starscream on your ASS
Gravity_Kills: what is starscream?
Limp_Erection: dude, i`m turing into SEAN
Duositex: Gravity kills rules, the best band around today, make good music guys
daisy: lame
Duositex: thats my haiku
Butane: mmrrfh!
TomM: My head blew all up/Its all messy on the floor/I cant clean it up
FlatLine: Can I go blow things up now?
Butane: daisy, plug your site.
Walin_Mags: oh
daisy: huh?
Hasha_mama: Fleas in my hut, it`s my fault you look so skinny.
Butane: grrr.. nevermind.
daisy: tell meeeee
Walin_Mags: web site
Duositex: its my fault you look so skinny?
Butane: hold on.. gonna try to.. write haiku..
Walin_Mags: sooooooo
Butane: lacking caffeine though..
R2-Bacca: i`ve never really liked following predefined patterns
jonathan: hey gk have you heard the mdfmk album?
Walin_Mags: any questions?
IbanezNIN: does gravity kills get any women action in the studio
TomM: Im not wearing pants/I dont like to wear pants now/Pants are very bad
Duositex: kmfdm...why did they do that?
R2-Bacca: however by merely living, I am doing just that.
Gravity_Kills: We haven`t heard the mdfmk record
Butane: Walin: How do they get the caramilk in the caramilk bar?
Gravity_Kills: is it good?
daisy: it sucks
Limp_Erection: give it a try
Limp_Erection: it`s pretty kewl
FlatLine: Gravity Kills: do you know how to work an FTP?
Butane: It`s a bit disapointing.
jonathan: yes!!!!1
Gravity_Kills: no
Butane: I miss kmfdm, *sniff*
Walin_Mags: hmmm......
JimTheta: Got my adams open, i needed a screwdriver, drink`s cold as winter
Walin_Mags: I suppose you are going to tell me
IbanezNIN: mfdmk is just not the same as kmfdm
FlatLine: Damn . . . I could hook you up with the entire collection in mp3 format
TomM: I gotta go...
FlatLine: do you use AOL IM?
TomM: Adios
Gravity_Kills: bye Tom
Butane: adios Tom
Gravity_Kills: sometimes
FlatLine: or ICQ?
FlatLine: Could you get on right now? Then I could send you some of it
IbanezNIN: i wouldnt bother you guys online
Gravity_Kills: We are Aol Fags
Gstack: Hahahahah
Duositex: lol
Butane: Plug: hehehe *runs away*
MiaWallace: aol whores
Butane: AOL *shudder*
Butane: You guys need anew isp.....
kmac: yeah, don`t you even think of making it Sllik Ytivarg.
Gravity_Kills: oh thanks Mia
MiaWallace: just kiddin
Limp_Erection: A couple years ago, i created a project based on the METROPOLIS movie and i used your song GOODBYE for the background music, just wanted to let you know
Gravity_Kills: I guess i did wear a shirt that said that
Butane: Goodbye! My fav song#!$@%*
JimTheta: It`s your Japanese name.
IbanezNIN: aol bites dogs ass
Gravity_Kills: that`s cool
IbanezNIN: do gravity kills check out any good porn sites?
Hasha_mama: Writing shit about new snow for the rich is not art.
Butane: You ought to see some ppl`s reviews of AOL.
Gstack: I saw that metropolis movie, it was kool.
Butane: I had a great URL but lost it =/
FlatLine: Gravity: would your name be mistrblood on aol?
FlatLine: for IM that is
Gravity_Kills: yes
FlatLine: I have a ton of mp3s I have to send you ;]
Limp_Erection: it`s crappy now that I know more, about video editing, but would you like to receive a copy just to see your song with some metropolis clips
FlatLine: and they won`t go through email cause it`s not nice
Butane: GK, do any of the band members use ICQ or IRC by any chance?
aLaZaY: hey everyone
MiaWallace: is GK listening to any music right now
JimTheta: I like mdfmk, by the way. It`s not kmfdm, but still good.
Butane: Jim, what do you think of track 3 off that cd?
IbanezNIN: good question mia
Gravity_Kills: send us everything we think it is cool
aLaZaY: hello
Hasha_mama: Summer, from Utah says hello
Limp_Erection: what mailing address?
Chewbaca: Grrrr
FlatLine: Gravity: then get on IM ;]
aLaZaY: ?
Chewbaca: avity
Chewbaca: k
Chewbaca: ills
Limp_Erection: or is it on your website?
Gravity_Kills: Butt cheeks in my hand, "Can I ass you a question?", A tour bus Joke
MiaWallace: haha
JimTheta: Track 3 is weak
JimTheta: Still okay though.
Butane: lol
Chewbaca: I want your butt cheeks in my hand
MiaWallace: i think that is the best one yet
Butane: queeeeeer
Gravity_Kills: Track 3 of one of our records?
R2-Bacca: chewbaca...that name sounds slightly familiar...
Butane: nah, I was referring to MDFMK.
Butane: coz I hate that track.
Gravity_Kills: oh
JimTheta: mdfmk
Butane: It`s annoying man.
FlatLine: of MDFMK
Butane: `Get Out of My Head`
Gstack: I know of a band who used to go by Chewbacca
Butane: sheesh.
Chewbaca: sorry r2
FlatLine: Gravity: Get on IM and I`ll send you it ;]
JimTheta: sirry
JimTheta: sorry
Gravity_Kills: sorry
IbanezNIN: im listening to Jack Off Jill-Sexless Demons, NIN-Fragile 1+2, GK-self titled, and Adam Ant-First One
Limp_Erection: oh no! rakishi is up against Scotty Too Hotty
Gstack: That`s bad.
Limp_Erection: NOOOOOO
Chewbaca: Hey GK who and when will you play another show with?
IbanezNIN: ok everyone stopped talking again...
Butane: Oh yeah, has Matthew ever played in a heavy metal band?
Chewbaca: I am Jonesin` hard
R2-Bacca: never use a preposition to end a sentence with.
Gravity_Kills: We might do a show with a show a band Called Purge
Chewbaca: Purge??
kmac: Does anyone like Canadian music? I`m all about it recently.
Gravity_Kills: sorry the tequila is talking
Butane: There`s no links on it though =/
Gravity_Kills: Like Rush
Gstack: Canadian eh?
Butane: I like Bush...
Chewbaca: Rush Limbaugh?
IbanezNIN: what kind of activities take place on a tour bus?
Gravity_Kills: Like Bare Naked Ladies?
jonathan: front line assembly
Butane: skinny puppy..
Butane: They were canadian..
Limp_Erection: as the night goes on, the beer talks more and more...... i love this chat room
Gravity_Kills: we make smores around the campfire
kmac: I Mother Earth, Econoline Crush, Finger Eleven
R2-Bacca: rotary endline gurters
Butane: Our Lady Peace
Chewbaca: Are there any outside projects you are working on?
Butane: hehehe, they`re form here in Toronto.
Gravity_Kills: Econoline opened some shows for us
IbanezNIN: Econoline Crush is cool
Chewbaca: Apt. 26?
R2-Bacca: econoline is good
Gstack: I gotta go with The Hunger, but they`re not Canadian.
kmac: wish I could have seen that
Gravity_Kills: Apt 26 is english
Butane: oh yeah, tell us about Apt. 26. I heard one of the GK members contribute dsomething ot their debut cd..
IbanezNIN: apt. 26 blows goats reproductive muscles
kmac: where is kittie from?
Gravity_Kills: the hunger is from houston
IbanezNIN: kittie is canadian
Gstack: Yeah, that`s it, Houston.
Butane: kittie sucks man.
FlatLine: Kittie is awesome
Gstack: I like their song, "Phoenix"
IbanezNIN: kittie is cool
kmac: they are decent
Chewbaca: Kittie blows I hope
MiaWallace: Kittie sucks my big toes
Limp_Erection: phoenix rocks
Butane: kittie = KoRn meets the Spice Girls
kmac: Finger Eleven is the best Canadian band. They are amazing
FlatLine: I like Korn too btw ;]
Gravity_Kills: so who doesn`t like apt 26?
IbanezNIN: im fuckin sick of korn
Butane: I like Apt. 26
Gstack: I`ve never heard Apt26
FlatLine: the old Korn
Limp_Erection: i don`t even know what the fuck it is?
Butane: especially their first track..
MiaWallace: Apt 26 is great
Butane: backwards..
IbanezNIN: korn was cool five years you know they make korn action figures?
Chewbaca: I like them
Chewbaca: the singer is kinda off sometimes
Butane: the hell with korn.
Gravity_Kills: do you think Biff is cute?
IbanezNIN: im not a very big fan of apt 26..
MiaWallace: i have apt 26 on right now
JimTheta: Anyone down with Incubus?
kmac: Apt 26 smells like cat piss ALL the time. I don`t know who lives there, but they need to use some air freshener or something.
IbanezNIN: incubus is great
Butane: Drain STH is a pretty cool chick band.
Gravity_Kills: lol
IbanezNIN: love drain
Chewbaca: Biff seems to have a huge penis bulge - I like that
Butane: and Bif.. bleh.. I`ve only seen a few pics of her.
JimTheta: Latest album is great.
R2-Bacca: time for me to close up shop
Butane: wtfudge..
kmac: Biff is like a skanky Gwen Stefani in my opinion
R2-Bacca: later guys
Butane: see ya Bacca.
JimTheta: Bedtime?
R2-Bacca: good luck on the new album
Chewbaca: Not Biff Naked, Biff from Apt. 26
kmac: oh
Butane: doh!
IbanezNIN: i woulda boned gwen stefani 3 years ago not now though
kmac: my bad
FlatLine: Biff rocks too
Gravity_Kills: thanks R2
R2-Bacca: and i really think you should title it "Clowns"
JimTheta: Stefani seems pretty skanky as it is.
FlatLine: Biff Naked that is
kmac: Gwen still rocks
Chewbaca: He is cute but not a good singer
R2-Bacca: nite guys
Chewbaca: nite
IbanezNIN: hey gk, how do you feel about CREED?
Chewbaca: I think they should die
Gravity_Kills: Gwen left her Butt warmth on our toilet on our tour bus
FlatLine: MDFMK - Torpedoes . . . good song
Gstack: mmm, butt warmth
kmac: You lucky bastards!
IbanezNIN: NIN - something i can never have
goatboy: i agree with chewbaca ;)
kmac: butt warmth rocks!
FlatLine: **FlatLine** is afraid
Gravity_Kills: all I can say is that they are nice guys
IbanezNIN: coochie warmth is better
FlatLine: The beer is really talking for you guys now, isn`t it?
Chewbaca: Word Up
JimTheta: WitchHunt, Now, Rabblerouser - all good MDFMK songs
IbanezNIN: thats about all i can say as well..
IbanezNIN: rabble rouser is cool
Gravity_Kills: I did it all for the coochie
FlatLine: **FlatLine** is a Witch . . . Wicca ;]

Continued... 19Jun00 Part 3

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