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About this site

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Who are you?

I'm Grant Birchmeier. My personal site can give you more info.

The Beginning

In early 2000, when Gravity Kills members started posting to their old web site's guestbook-turned-message board, I was happy. It meant that even though I hadn't heard anything about one of my favorite bands in a year, they hadn't broke up. A while later, probably while procrastinating from classwork, I created the Complete GK Songlist and posted it on a hastily-made website. I figured that someone else might benefit from the list I compiled while surfing eBay for rare tracks I didn't have.

After the infamous 2000 official GK site makeover, my list got linked. Cool. I got an email or two from band members, showing appreciation. Cool. I possessed a GK song remix released by TVT (GK's record label at the time) that the band members had never even heard of, and Doug asked me to send him an mp3 of it. Sweet.

GK started to hold online chats, and I logged 'em as best as I could and posted them. In the summer of 2000, armed with a lot of free time and a reason to learn HTML, I made a proper website and dubbed it Perverted. I started posting mp3s of live performances. After the official website went stagnant, I had the GK site on the web.

Now (Jan2001)

Now you're looking at a renovation of that first effort. The code is cleaner and easier to maintain, and conforms to the W3C HTML4/CSS2 standard. I'm trying to make it look smoother, and maybe more professional. It's probably gonna be in a constant state of evolution from now on.

Gravity Kills now has a redesigned (and darn smooth) website now, so my site isn't as important as it once was. But it's still my baby and it's got stuff you can't find anywhere else. I still get email from the band on a semiregular basis, and Jeff says he'll give me a scoop on occasion. I even got to hang out in their tour bus at the Detroit show last December (2000). So bookmark Perverted and keep checking back. It makes me feel important.

Now (Nov2003)

The band broke up in January. Site is mostly dead, but still maintained. You've seen the front page haven't you?