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Miscellaneous : Pictures from 06Aug01 @ The Metro, Chicago

I was surprised at how well these pictures came out, considering they were taken on a disposable gas-station-brand camera. The flash was surprisingly effective; the photos give the false impression that the stage was brightly lit.

These photos are copyright by me (Grant Birchmeier). Permission to reprint/repost these photos given as long as the following information is displayed in the same page or article (unless otherwise stated):

Pictures taken during the show:


Doug, head thrown back

Doug in the air

Zombie Doug

Doug and Jeff (and somebody's [possibly Josh Fyksen's] big head)

Jeff with glowing mic

Jeff, unlit mic

Funky Jeff

Matt and Jeff


Matt, shot 2

Matt, shot 3

The Industrial Keyboard Stand

Pictures taken after the show:

Jeff and Doug pose with the ladies

The "Doug Bug"

The "Doug Bug", far shot

Terry, GK's lighting guy

Me and Jeff (my girlfriend says this looks disturbingly a bit homoerotic)