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Miscellaneous : Make Your Own Perversion Foldy-Thing!

Yes, here it is. For all those who missed out by not buying Perversion fast enough, don't despair! You can make your own home version of the wierd paper flippy-foldy thing that came with the first 25,000 or so copies of Perversion! Just follow my simple, not-really-step-by-step directions below!

I'm just gonna describe the foldy thing as best I can and provide the images. As I am not creating my own copy (I already have 2 originals), I don't exactly know the best way to go about it.

Without further wordiness, here's the two images, one for each side. Save 'em, print 'em out, and trim away the white space. The actual size of the foldy thing is 6 inches by 3 inches, but you can resize it however you want, because you're special.

Side A (253 KB)

Side B (265 KB)

They're not zipped or anything, since zipping can't compress them much more than .jpg already has.

I guess the way I'd do this would be to glue the pictures back-to-back on a piece of tagboard for strength. The pig pic and the trash can pic should be oriented the same, by which I mean the top of the pics on each side are along the same edge.

Diagram 1

The above diagram is of the pig side (Side B). All of the vertical lines are divisions between the picture panels, and where it says "crease", there's a crease (duh). The two inside creases should be folded so that the panels to the side of the center pig panel are folded back. The outer creases are folded so that the joined "glue" portions should be in contact. You can see in the Side B scans the marks left from when I pulled the glue apart. Why are there images in spots that the glue prevents us from seeing? You got me.

Anyway, you can glue it if you want to, and when the creases are made and you view it from the top or bottom edge, it should look like the diagram below. The points at the top of the "M" shape are where the glue was; this diagram should be more of an "H" than an "M".

Diagram 2

Well, that's about it. The way it came in the CD, the thing was folded so that Jeff's head was intact on the one side and the other side had the trash cans. When you... uh... opened Jeff's head and folded it back, you got to see the pig. That was all you saw unless you pulled the glued spots apart. There are wierd perforations throughout the thingy, but I don't think they have any purpose, such as letting you see the other images correctly or anything.

If this isn't clear enough, or if you have some better insight on the foldy thing, then send me email.