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Miscellaneous : Preaching to the Perverted tour stuff

Here's an assortment of images related to the Preaching to the Perverted tour of late 2001, that featured Pigface with Gravity Kills and gODHEAD. I do not have any rights to any of these images, and will take them down if asked by the rights-holder.

Below is the front and back of the cards that were sent to street teamers to promote the tour and upcoming album. I received a stack of these things literally a foot tall. I scanned this card myself.

Preaching to the Perverted promo card front Preaching to the Perverted promo card back

The next two images are from other sites promoting the tour. I believe the sites were Invisible Records and Underground Inc.

Pigface 15th Anniversary Tour poster Preaching to the Perverted banner