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Because You Demanded It

A reader asks:

... how come you don’t have any pictures of you and your fiancé on YOUR website? I think the only one of your family that I have seen was a cat.

So how's this blast from the past? The pic below would have been probably Spring 2000. This is the first and last time I've ever been seriously hammered. It's my cousin's fault really. And Kathy's.

The story goes... One day Kathy mentions to my cousin Josh that she's never seen me drunk. Josh, ever the opportunist, asks if she wants him to make that happen. The reasoning behind this (and I'm not sure this isn't a story Josh came up with later to cover Kathy) is that my dad could be jerky when he got drunk and she wanted to know if I had the same tendency. So he had me and another friend of ours do shots against each other.

So how am I when I'm drunk? The answer was: really lame. I pretty much spent the evening self-administering sobriety tests to see how drunk I was. You know, touching my nose with outstretched hands, seeing if I could walk across the room without stumbling, etc. Eventually I passed out, of course.

The results.
Not a recent photo.

I remember resting on Kathy's lap for a minute. I was later told that this minute lasted more than an hour.

I can definitely understand wanting to maintain a good buzz, but I completely don't understand the appeal of drinking more than that. "Oh, you mean you black out and then you feel like hell the next day? Sounds great, sign me up!"


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