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My First Comic Convention

A couple weekends ago I went to Wizard World Chicago. I've never been to a comic convention before, but I figured why not? Though I am a comic book reader, I didn't really care about any of the guests (mostly comic creators, wrestlers, and B-list or has-been actors), but what else was I doing on a Saturday morning? So I made the trek out to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

And I have to say, it was fun. Lots of dealers, lots of stuff, lots of people in good and not-so-good costume. I was happy to find that the mythical phenomenon of fanboy-BO was not true at all; in fact, I did not catch a single whiff of body funk the whole day. (I hear that it's in full effect at another con, however.) I walked out of there with a backpack full of books and comics bought all on the cheap, though I guess the discount is greatly lessened when I factor in the ticket and parking costs.

I don't have any cool stories, so I'll just move on to the most interesting part: pictures of people in costumes! Yes, if you want to see elves, Imperial Stormtroopers, and chubby Ghostbusters all under one roof, you need to go to a comic convention.


You know you want to see more.

So Pikachu here probably is not a fan, but a paid promotional something or other. I don't know. But it was bizarre to turn around and whoa! There he was.

The rest of these are all thumbnail-ized. You know how it works. Not familiar with some of these characters? Try Wikipedia.

Oh, and I apologize for the blurriness of some of these photos. It wasn't until halfway through the day that I realized I didn't have the auto-stabilize thing turned on in my camera. Yeah, I suck.


In order,

  • quilted (?) Iron Man
  • Red Power Ranger, Michael Myers, and Nightwing
  • Power Girl
  • Superman has let himself go a little
  • black Thor and quilted Iron Man on the escalator
  • the Joker (I thought this was pretty well done and not unnecessarily elaborate)

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

Don't forget the Justice League!
Oh wait, now they're ready:
Did I say that Superman let himself go? Here I think he just gave up....

Star Wars

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

Who you gonna call?

Honestly, their proton packs looked pretty neat. I wish I'd gotten a close-up.

thumbnail thumbnail

Two Jack Sparrows

thumbnail thumbnail


Notable celebs that I didn't see but who were there that day: Kevin Smith, Kristen Bell ("Veronica Mars"),Thomas Jane ("The Punisher"), Dirk Benedict (Face from "The A-Team"). Also some wrestlers that I don't care about.

Here's who I did get...

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

Other photos

In order,

  • I think this guy's a Cylon from the new Battlestar Galactica
  • don't know
  • Indiana Jones
  • don't know but he sure looks goofy
  • Vega from one of my favorite video games, Street Fighter 2

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

Sweet Bumblebee costume

This Bumblebee costume (from the Transformers) rocks. Unfortunately I did not see it in action. When I saw it, a guy was putting it on a rack. Regardless, I wanted to get a picture of it.


Overhead pictures

thumbnail thumbnail

The End.


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