Topics may include programming, classic console games, comic books, kung fu flicks, spaghetti westerns, or giant cartoon robots.
Grant Birchmeier is from West Michigan but currently lives in Chicagoland.

Other Grants on the web

I was bored while waiting for a compile to finish at work the other day, so I decided to see what sites are located at variations of my name. (Yeah, as I said, I was bored.)

First up, I tried "grant" with various extensions.

  • is nothing to anyone without a login, so that's a dead end.
  • - index of links to a few sites, such as "E.J. Grant Antiques", and some people who may or may not have the last name "Grant". Check this guy out, that picture cracks me up. Would you study under this guy?
  • is a squatter.
  • - Whoa-ho! Adult links! Actually a squatter also.

Next, "grantb". Not many hits for this one.

  • looks like it was set up by some guy to use a file-post. If you want kite-flying links or home movies that feature a woman washing a dog, this is the place to go. A WHOIS lookup says the owner is "Brett Grant". "Brett Grant"="grantb"? What the hell? Is that the best you could come up with?
  • is for sale for only 490 Euros! I would have taken this name for this site but it was at the time owned by "Grant Brookfield" (if I remember correctly), an Aussie who only used it as an email domain. I might pay 20 bucks for it, but 490 Euros? Good luck with that.

Lastly, "birchmeier". Not much here either.

  • - Is this my heritage?

    Birchmeier is a Swiss company with a proud tradition which extends back 130 years. The company specialises in the manufacture and marketing of spraying and foaming equipment for garden, industrial and cleaning/hygiene applications. High-quality products and a rigorous customer focus are the basis of our ever-growing number of satisfied customers in over 40 countries around the world. Find out more about our company and our products on this website. Thank you for your interest!

  • - uh? The automated translation is "The web page of the family Birchmeier is view at present in preparation favor you later once again past." I'll have to check back later once again past.


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2005-12-11 11:14pm Temporarily looks like hell
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