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Grant Birchmeier is from West Michigan but currently lives in Chicagoland.

Good show.

Fantastic concert, that was.

First opener was The October. Sounded good. They also covered Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)", and damn, sounded just like Simple Minds. I picked up their disc; I haven't listened yet, but only because Kathy loves it and hasn't given it back.

Second opener was LaPush. They also sounded good. Have the CD, haven't listened to it yet. Kathy says it's pretty good.

Next up, Tobi Kai and the Strays. They're edgy. I know this because Tobi looked skanky and said "fuck" a lot. And the band members wore faux Boy Scout uniforms with Troop designation 666. If you like cock rock you might like them. I sure didn't. Couldn't wait until they finished.

And then Gravity Kills came out and rocked like they never stopped touring. Great set, though I was hoping they'd throw out something new. Instead, it could have been the same playlist from the last tour. But they rocked it, and it was hella fun. And they might do it again next year.

In the meantime, Gravity Kills are planning on putting rarities and other stuff on their redesigned site. There may be a DVD available. And Jeff the lead singer is working on a new project, Star-13.


2005-11-07 10:30am "Kung Fu Hustle" is really good.


2005-10-01 2:19am Gravity Kills reunion show
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