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Grant Birchmeier is from West Michigan but currently lives in Chicagoland.

Gravity Kills reunion show

I'm totally geeked. Gravity Kills, my favorite band until they broke up in Jan '03, are playing a reunion show on Oct 28. Sure, it's in St. Louis, but now that I live in Chicago that's only like a 5-hour drive. And I'll have to take a day off from work. Totally worth it.

See, I was a hardcore fan of these guys. How hardcore? In college I made this fansite (and I'm not ashamed today), which led to meeting the band. At one show I hung out with the band on their tour bus for like 2 hours. Good guys, they are. Damn, that was like 6 years ago.

My job hasn't sent me out-of-town in almost a year. But now they're talking about sending some of us out again. Timing, huh? I think I'm safe, but I need to nail this date down at work to be sure. No work-travel for Grant.

Anyway, I have live mp3s of the band, if you want to hear what's got me buzzing. Industrial-rock-pop, I guess you could say they are. Lots of samples and guitars, but no heavy-metal screaming. Check 'em out.


2005-11-04 10:14pm Good show.


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